About us

MotivLab is a company created by industry thought leaders and engineers focused on delivering technology-based solutions. The firm has been in operation for over a decade developing custom software for companies and organizations in need of secure and scalable solutions.

Our approach is to listen to our Client’s business needs and translate it into user friendly technology that meets and exceed stated objectives. MotivLab’s development process is transparent and collaborative to ensure optimum outcome within agreed upon scope, time, and budget.

We strongly believe technology is a tool and each code written by us is part of a story woven together to deliver the business story we’ve been entrusted to help each client write. MotivLab is here to align its technology expertise with clients’ needs and not to overwhelm clients with IT terminology or technology.

How do we do it?

Three steps - it is that simple to turn your business ideas into working product.
Looped in agile two-week iterations.

Understand your business

Every business has a story to tell.
We translate that story into software requirements and features.

Develop software

Crafting software is the heart of MotivLab, our core strength and capability.


At the end of each iteration we release a new version of software, evolving gradually into a fully developed product.


We start this cycle again every two weeks. Each iteration will add new features to your solution.

Two-week iteration

We start this cycle again every two weeks. Each iteration will add new features to your solution.

What can you expect?

Process transparency

Our development process is transparent and collaborative to ensure optimum outcome within agreed upon scope, time, and budget.

Total control

We work in short iterations and maintain process transparency with clear deliverables so the client is always in control. You can be sure we deliver what we have promised.

Business focus

We do our best to reflect unique character of your business in software by using Domain Driven Design approach.

Tech expertise

Your software is developed by competent and experienced tech experts. Take a look at our team.



Backend Services

We craft backend services in Java and Kotlin by selecting right tools for the job. Released software is always carefully covered with automatic tests. Techniques like CI, CD, TDD help us achieve top software quality.

Frontend Development

We work with digital designers, who deliver engaging UI and ensure your solution provides great user experience. Our web and digital apps are developed combining best quality code and modern JS frameworks.

Mobile Applications

2500 apps are added daily to Google Play Store. With us you can develop one that will stand out from the crowd. Our Android and iOS apps have intuitive flow, user friendly design and maintain high performance.

Business Intelligence

We solve your business problems by understanding patterns hidden in the data, business forecasting and optimizing decision making process. All that to turn your company into data driven organization.

Business Analysis

Gathering system requirements can be tricky. We will help you translate your business processes it into digital solution. Our goal is to deliver software that solves your business problems and delivers real value.

Tech Consulting

It is hard to make IT decisions without expert knowledge. We will help you determine core features, evaluate options and prioritize development. We deliver optimum outcome within agreed time and budget.

Deliver in weeks not in months!

Our ‘Get things done’ attitude, well defined requirements and 2-week iterations are key drivers for taking your vision into the market in a matter of weeks not months.

Our Team

Meet our Core Team:

Michał Charmas
Michał Charmas

Software development expert and trainer specialized in Java, Kotlin and Android. Broad experience in implementing projects in AWS (Amazon Web Services) environment.

Lech Hubicki
Lech Hubicki
Head of Data Analytics

Scientist with a passion for transforming complex data into meaningful business decisions. Successfully developed and deployed commercial analytical solution for many sectors.

Artur Znamirowski
Artur Znamirowski

Product Manager with solid track record in designing and launching new products. Broad expertise from managing complex IT projects in banking to working side by side with entrepreneurs in translating their ideas into software solutions.

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Email: info@motivlab.com

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